Thursday, 9 October 2008

vBulletin Themes

I've recently upgraded the vBulletin theme on the SEO Consultants Forum.

Having looked at quite a few online companies I decide to buy from Forum Themes

Forum Themes has been established September 2005 and has set a goal to always provide the most appealing, high quality vBulletin themes, Invision Power Board themes, & phpBB themes in the market, with top notch support. Forum Themes is owned and operated by parent company

The purchase was straight forward and secure.

The new theme was very easy to download, and their installation instructions made upgrading the site a simple task.

Highly recommended

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Saturday, 4 October 2008

How to Block The Forum Spammers

How to Block The Forum Spammers

Use this option to prevent certain IP addresses from accessing any part of your board.

If you enter a complete IP address (, only that IP will be banned.
If you enter a partial IP (243.21.11. or 243.21.11), any IPs that begin with the partial IP will be banned. For example, banning 243.21.11 will prevent from accessing your board. However, would still be able to access your board.

You may also use an '*' as a wildcard for increased flexibility. For example, if you enter 243.21.11*, many IPs will be banned including:,,

Place a space or a line break between each IP address.

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Ufindus Complaints

This complaint relates to the unacceptable amount of nuisance phone calls received by LTD Photography from Ufindus

The worst mistake I made was placing a free add on the directory a few months back. Since then on a regular basis I have had more calls from the Ufindus "so called" sales people than I care to count. Each Time they call I state that im not interested and request removal from their database!!

The sales techniques used by Ufindus are ridiculous, heavy handed, and packed with unbelievable statements. These statements are mainly related to the number of direct inquiries that Ufindus are supposed to receive, but when requested to send examples, they change the subject quite quickly.

The ufindus sales staff have also stated that a website designed by them will be indexed above all other websites on many search engines including google, yahoo and msn. I find that very hard to believe, but maybe there's some obscure ones somewhere online.

The Ufindus Sales Team are obviously Target driven and very unprofessional in their approach to potential clients. Although this can only be blamed on their training.

So just to make it Clear - DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN - as you will be wasting your time and money.

I have reported Ufindus to Worcestershire Trading Standards for the persistant harassment and abusive sales techniques. The initial advice was to get my number listed on TPS.

I would advise anyone having the same problem with unwanted telesale calls to register their number here TPS Online

My advice to the Sales Team is UNDERSTAND THESE WORDS "SORRY NOT INTERESTED" and just move on to your next call.

Finally anyone wishing to add their complaints about to this blog, are more than welcome.

Saturday, 18 November 2006

Web Page One

Hi I'm Lee and welcome to the Web Page One Blog.

Quite a few people have asked me the same question over the last year or so. The question is "why did i call my Web Design & SEO Company Web Page One". So here's the answer:

In late 2004 prior to considering a name for my Internet Business which now provides Web Design & Search Marketing, I started studying Organic Search Engine Optimisation . Which is a subject I'm heavily into practising and implementing.

During my initial SEO study periods I started looking for search phrase's which were highly competitive on I found a great deal of phrase's which had a very high number of web sites competing for numerous different keyword phrase's. I eventually typed in purely at random the keywords "Web Page One". This phrase at the time had just over 1,060,000,000 possible sites or webpages competing for this Phrase. To try this phrase click here .

This got me thinking about my Search Engine Optimization skills. My personal challenge is to get my own website Indexed within the natural listings on page one on Google, Yahoo and MSN under the search phrase "Web Page One".

I know it wont happen over night on the natural listings, as has only been online since early 2006. But I'm patient and hope to see it indexed one of these days. Till then Google AdWords will promote my visability for quirey "Web Page One"

Ive had a partial success with the phrase "Webpage one" click here for details. You will see listed on Google indexed page one.

Anyway I hope that explains why I chose to call my company Web Page One.

Will I succeed in my challenge, well we'll have to wait and see!!!!

19th November 2006